10 Best Holiday Package Providers in India

Everyone loves a vacation; it brings thrill and excitement to your life. You can go around the world, explore places. Enjoy the beautiful places in this world. One of the significant concerns that hit while planning a vacation is money.

The best way to have a hassle-free vacation is to have a planned tour. You should always take suggestions from people. To make your trip enjoyable, you first need to research the places. One of the best ways to save money is by opting for a reasonable holiday package. We have provided the list of some best holiday package providers in India that can help you to enjoy your next vacation at a reasonable price.

List of 10 best holiday package providers

1. Dook Holidays

It is one of the best service operators in India. It has excellent facilities for its customers. They offer affordable holiday packages for India and abroad. They have holiday packages for some best locations like Europe, Sri Lanka, South Asia, and many other places in India. They offer complete service right from the start of your journey to its end—an enjoyable experience you could have when using their services.

2. Thomas Cook

It is the most renowned name in the travel industry. They have a gamut of services. Services like travel Insurance, Corporate Travel Facilities, and Foreign Exchange. They are the best tour operator you can have. Locations like Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America comes in their tour package list. Their tour packages offer cruise holidays, flight and hotel services, and insurance, etc. They provide all types of travel services.

3. Cox and Kings

It is one of the oldest names in the travel industry. They have offices in India and abroad. They are better known for their excellent services. Other than tour packages, they offer services like foreign exchange, insurance, and trade fairs. They offer best in class services to their customers. They provide tour packages to various international and national locations.

4. Musafir

It is one of the best online tour package providers. They amplify your dreams with their excellent services. They provide the most cost-effective packages for holidays. They offer their services online. You can book your vacation from their website. Even you can go through Musafir offers and avail the best deal on their services. They offer services like passport delivery, visa assistance, hotel reservations, and many more.

5. Oxygen Holidays Pvt Ltd

It is a premium corporate travel management company. It offers professional assistance to tour companies. The online store has various tour packages that include India and abroad. They offer services like visa documentation, accommodation, and air travel. They are also known for their cost-effective services. They even offer travel insurance to their customers.

6. Yatra.com

It is also one of the biggest online holiday package providers. They are better known for international tour packages. It offers holiday packages for Europe, Thailand, Dubai, and other international locations. India is also one of the prime locations for it. They provide various packages for Indian tourists. It offers quite affordable cheap holiday packages. They assist you in choosing the hotel, flight, and prime locations to explore.

7. Southern Travels India

They are also one of the best service providers in India. If you want to have the best experience, then they are the ones to choose from. They offer services like ticket booking, stay services and many more. You can avail of their services to travel anywhere. They offer services in India and abroad. In India, you can travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. For abroad locations, you can choose destinations like Thailand, Singapore, and many more.   

8. LifeLine Tourism Pvt Ltd

 You can’t miss them. They are one of the leading operators. They are approved by the Government of India, Department of Tourism. They cover all your travel needs. They offer services from travel bookings to getting you back. They also provide travel packages for Indian and abroad locations.    

9. Oceana Travel Pvt Ltd

They cover all travel-related services. It is one of the options to choose from. The list of their hotel tie-ups is endless. They have more than 3000 hotels across India. They make your journey smooth. You can travel to various Indian and abroad locations. They assist you with places like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. 

10. Sparks Destinations

It is also one of the best travel companies. They provide excellent services to their customers. You can use their affordable travel packages. They offer services to various international destinations. They include service right from starting to the end of your journey. They are one of the best to have.


These are some of the best tour and travel companies that offer the best holiday packages. If you want to travel in India or abroad, you can choose any of them. Based on your priorities, you can pick any of the service providers. Get your backpacks and travel around the world. These operators are best to have a planned holiday. 

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