5 Security Measures To Take While Travelling


Traveling to a new place is always exciting and something we all look forward to. But it can also put us vulnerable to attacks. It’s common knowledge that most thieves and criminals target tourists because of their unfamiliarity and sometimes trusting nature. It is always advised to be vigilant when you’re traveling, enjoying the sights and sounds of a new place yet still being conscious of your surroundings. It doesn’t take much to protect yourself from being singled out by attackers. 

Here are 5 security measures to take while travelling for all travelers

1. Avoid Public WiFi

When we’re home, accessing the internet is quite easy. We have WiFi at home or our mobile data to do that job; but when we’re on some strange foreign land, that’s all taken away from us. It’s harder to chat with friends or posts pictures of our travels. An easy and obvious alternative would be to connect to public WiFi such as those offered in cafes and restaurant. But doing so can put you at risk of being hacked. Even the WiFi access that most hotels offer is not safe. So instead of using WiFi, a better alternative would be to set up your own WiFi by getting a local SIM card with data capabilities. These can be found in airport kiosks or any electronic stores.

2. Password on Phones and Install Tracking Apps

We store a lot of sensitive information in our smartphones like our emails, passwords to other accounts, maybe even credit card. This is why many thieves steal phones and hack it to get those data. It goes without saying that if you have such information on your phone, it should be password protected. Yet studies have shown that only 48% of people protect their smartphones with a password. Your password should be long and unique, something that’s harder to crack. When you’re traveling, make sure to either enable location tracking on your phone or install a tracking app on your phone in case it gets stolen.

3. Consider Spy Equipment

When you are traveling, you never know what can happen. Scammers may target you for malevolent motives. One way to protect yourself in an event of an attack and help authorities catch the perpetrator is by bringing a spy camera with audio recording with you at all times. This way, all your activities and those around you are always documented for safety reasons. It has an added bonus of being able to look back on your travels without relying too much on your camera or phone.

4. Avoid Posting Location and Agenda

There is a rule to ensure safety when you are traveling, never overshare on social media. We might want to keep our friends on our whereabouts but do so privately. Avoid posting your current location or even your itinerary anywhere public. Also, disable geotagging on pictures that you post online to prevent potential thieves from tracking you and planning an attack. In fact, it’s better that you wait until you get home before you post anything at all.

5. Only Bring the Essentials

In a foreign place, we always want to see popular sites and scenery. We want to try the local delicacies or even talk with the locals. This all sounds exciting but makes sure you don’t forget about your safety. While walking around, make sure you only carry the essential items. Never bring your social security card or even your birth certificate with you. You may also want to avoid carrying all your credit and debit cards in your city walks. Instead, just have one with you. Make use of the hotel’s safe if you are carrying sensitive documents and items on your travels.

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