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9 Reasons To Go On Vacation To Zanzibar Tanzania

The incredibly beautiful turquoise sea, the purest white sand of the beaches, the impressive local culture, the smell of exotic spices, as well as the unofficial name of the island, of course, make Zanzibar one of the most popular tourist destinations for beach vacations. However, many tourists are still wondering here what to do and what to see in Zanzibar.

What to do and what to see in Zanzibar?

1. Beaches of Zanzibar Island

A long relaxing vacation is what attracts most tourists to this picturesque island of Africa, Zanzibar. Unlike other tourist destinations, absolutely the entire coastline of Zanzibar offers its tourists equally excellent conditions: beaches of white sand, a turquoise sea (absolutely without stones!).

And some of the best accommodation options on the entire coast. The splendor of the island’s beaches puts them in first place on the list of what to see in Zanzibar

2. Diving and snorkeling

For many tourists, these water activities are the main reason to go on vacation to Zanzibar. Scuba diving (scuba diving) and snorkeling are in themselves incredible adventures. A tour of coral reefs with a dive that allows you to truly enjoy their beauty will no doubt remain in your memory for a long time. 

And if for someone this is the first experiment of its kind in life, experienced driving instructors will help you to experience the real pleasure of diving and love this active form of relaxation.

3. Stone City (Stone Town)

Stone City, or Stone Town, is the very place that must be on the list of what to see in Zanzibar. Having left a huge imprint on the history of the island, Stone Town is located in its very center. 

The narrow streets of Kamenny Gorod are teeming with local commodity stalls and a multitude of food stalls that you can and should buy and try while you are immersed in the island’s spirit while strolling through its historical places.

Be sure to visit one of the saddest sights of the Stone City of Zanzibar Island – the former Slave Market, and also see the beauty of the city’s majestic mosques. It is also worth noting such interesting sights as the Arab Fort, the Old Customs House, and the House of Miracles.

4. Spice plantations in Zanzibar

In addition to cultural and historical places, on the island of Zanzibar, other attractions attract tourists no less. Not far from Stone Town there is a local plantation on which various spices are grown. 

A visit to this wonderful place will allow you to experience other sensations than enjoying and relaxing on the sunny beaches and get an idea of this amazing country from a slightly different angle.

Going on an excursion to the plantation, you will try and enjoy the taste and aroma of the most odorous natural spices, such as lemon sorghum, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and many others. In addition to this, the guide will show you the entire plantation and explain the importance of each spice and seasoning, as well as demonstrate how they are cultivated.

5. Josani Forest

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Another interesting entertainment on the island of Zanzibar can serve as a trip to the only in its territory natural park, the Josani forest.

The key objects of observation in the park that attract most tourists are, without a doubt, red colobus monkeys. If you are lucky, some monkeys may even want to play with you! 

We advise you to consider what goodies you are going to treat them with but remember that these animals have an unpleasant tendency to grab and scratch their hands. So – be a little careful in terms of feeding these cute creatures.

The entrance to the park is paid, but the cost is ridiculous, like many other prices in the country. If you are heading to Stone Town anyway, a trip to the Josani Forest makes sense. 

6. Prison Island

Initially, this island bore the name of Canggu, but later, during slave times, it began to be used as a prison in which black prisoners were detained trying to escape from slavery. That is why this place became known as Prison Island.

You can get here very quickly by boat from Stone Town. Now, of course, you cannot see the prisoners here, and the island served as a prison for a very short time. What attracts tourists here today is the giant land turtles with a meter or more, whose age exceeds one hundred years! 

They are now the main and most amazing sights of the Prison Island, and also serve as living objects of what to see in Zanzibar.

In addition to observing turtles, we also advise you to snorkel in the pristine coastal waters of this small island. Right on the shore, you can admire the most beautiful coral reefs!

7. Gardens of Forodhani

Forodhani Gardens is a small park on the coast of Stone Town. During the day, tourists usually hide there from the scorching sun. Well, in the evening, they go there for a walk at sunset, when all the market stalls in the city are already set for sale.

Visiting the gardens of Forodany, you will have a unique opportunity to try all kinds of local delicacies! For the most part, you will be offered cooked on fire original dishes of local cuisine from seafood and meat. 

We also recommend trying Zanzibar pizza, made entirely with local traditions and including a whole range of seafood ingredients. It is incredibly tasty and authentic, and is a definite plus for a vacation!

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    Wonderful blog. Beautiful travel destinations in Tanzania. Thanks for sharing.

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