Best Beaches To Visit in Havelock Island, Andaman

The most seen of the Andaman Islands, Havelock island is among Asia’s best beach destinations and among the beach destinations of India. The Nicobar and Andaman Islands being a distant union territory of India is its population and remains a tourist place with just a few so-called businesses. Havelock Island is an island paradise and is sparsely inhabited. 

Here are few places to visit in Havelock Islands

1. Radhanagar Beach

radhanagar beach

Famous for: Beach, Serenity

Tickets: Entrance tickets.

Opening Timings: Open daily till sunset.

Duration: Depends upon the visitor.

Around Radhanagar Beach – Apparently the beach in Asia in compliance with the magazine in 2004, also, I can vouch for that.

With its sparkling and exquisite waters that make several Radhanagar beache in the Havelock Island is the last place, you might want to visit the island and you’re first. The waters ease views of your coral reefs, and snorkeling. In me, I encounter this guy who receives his elephant into this beach. Radhanagar beach is your place that’ll. Things Relax in the shacks. View the sunset. Explore the nearby blue lagoons.

2. Elephant Beach

Famous for: Serenity, Water sports.

Tickets: No entry tickets but additional charges for water sports.

Opening Timings: Open daily till sunset.

Duration: 2-3 hrs.

Around Elephant Beach: This shore has suffered the effects of 2004 tsunami and has since got reduced in size, you may find a lot of Indians here.

Elephant beach is nonetheless an amazing place to see and also is famous for its coral views. The place has a number of diving and snorkeling centers. The place is excellent for all those that seek solitude and also relaxation right in your lap of Havelock Island. For the tourists, snorkeling, swimming and diving is the main attraction. The Indian snacks like bhelpuri & pani puri are available here. The people here are pretty friendly and also will always smile back at you. A fantastic place for photography I must add. Things you can Do at Elephant Beach are Diving, Kayaking, Jet skiing, Snorkeling, Boating in glass-bottom boats.

3. Kalapathar Beach

Famous for: Beach, Serenity, Relaxation.

Tickets: No entry tickets.

Opening Timings: Open daily till sunset.

Duration: 2-3 hrs.

Around Kalapathar Beach – Kalapathar shore is quiet a questionable shore for some because of it is quite far from main town, but reason it was chosen for its mention was because of it being an amazing picnic place to see either alone or with friends. Cook your very own food, and enjoy your mid-day with drinks and music.

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