Best places to visit in Bangalore

Bangalore is a ‘Garden City’ and ‘Silicon Valley of India’ In terms of technology, the IT sector has become one of the top IT hubs in India.

Between both the opposing sides of the spectrum, Bangalore is nothing but a charming city there is so much to wander the wonderful city. From the extensive recreational parks to gorgeous art galleries, the top tourist attractions in Bangalore can be seen here.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

M Visweswarayya

Exploring interesting children and young minds, Science Museums are not better than Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, it is in Kasturba Road. Built in honor of the renowned engineer Sir M Visvesvaraya, the museum is the center of design and machinery from many aspects of science.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Karnataka Chitra Kala

Bangalore is famous for its culture and traditions. Main credit for promoting art and culture in Bangalore Our city goes to the Karnataka chitrakala Parishath, a cultural institution in “Heart of the City”. The organization maintains millions of patrons every year in the annual revenue of the year. The arts complex of Karnataka chitrakala parishath has a visual-showcase that is open throughout the year.














Botanical Garden in South Bangalore is a floral extravaganza and pleasant ideas, diverse species of trees. Lal Bagh Hyder Ali, the former ruler of Srirangapatna, impressed Persian style and sculpture. As it stands today, Lal Bagh is a popular destination for all tourists and Bangalore.

Bannerghatta National Park


The Bannerghatta National Park is evidence of the fauna of 20 km from the city. The national park is under the government’s instructions and provides fun-filled safaris through the biological reserve of Indian elephants, Bengal tigers and majestic lions and other animals. Next to safari aquarium, zoo, an unusual snake house and a delightful butterfly straw in all areas of the national park.

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