Falaknuma Palace

Falaknuma Palace is situated 5 km away from Charminar, which is a historic landmark of the city of Hyderabad. Seventh Nizam was used Falaknuma Palace as a ‘Royal Guest House’.

In 2010, Faluknuma Palace was rented by Taj Hotels Group from Nizam’s descendants. Since then, it has become a Taj Falaknuma hotel.

Faluknuma  Palace has 60 rooms and 22 halls. The Nizam has created a collection of sculptures, furniture, books, oil paintings and a library of valuable books in this Palace.

History of Falaknuma  Palace

Falaknuma oldThe construction of the Palace was laid by the Prime Minister of Hyderabad Nawab Sir Viqar-ul-Umra on March 3, 1884. The Palace construction was completed in 1893. The beautiful Palace is spread over an area of approximately 32 acres. The Palace is located at an area of 9,39,712 square meters.

Falaknuma palace architectureFalaknuma Palace was constructed by William Ward Maret in the style of Italian architect Andrea Palladio. 40 lakh rupees was spent on the construction for this palace. From 1897-98, Sir Viqar used the Falaknuma Palace as his personal residence. Later it was handed over to the 6th Nizam, the king of Hyderabad. After that seventh Nizam was used Falaknuma Palace as a ‘Royal Guest House’.

World’s largest dining table

Dinning Table Falaknuma

The world’s largest dining table is in Falaknuma Palace. This table can have up to 101 people at one time. This dinning hall table is made of special timber with 80 feet in length, 5.7 feet width and the 2.7 feet height.

Until 2000 year ordinary people were not allowed to this Palace but after Falaknuma Palace was rented by Taj Hotels It was made more modern and accessible to everyone.

Anyone can have food in this hotel. However, to have a meal on this table should be minimum 40 people. The stay is quite expensive here.


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