Florence City Travel Guide

Florence City

Florence is for travelers looking for piles of good food, culture, and pleasant temperatures. Countless pass through this city each year and getting around hasn’t been simpler, with choices including taxicabs, trams, buses, automobiles and naturally affordable bike rental.

You might get to another in no time whatsoever at all from one side of town, enabling you to take part in a playground in quantities of sightseeing and gelato eating.

Buses – Public transportation is used by foreigners and locals alike. The primary line is run by ATAF. There is A ticket valid for 90 minutes and there are numerous alternatives you may choose from.

Purchase your tickets from accredited sales points. You might purchase maps and tickets. Call the ProntoAtaf hotline toll free in Italy or obtain more information on-line at ataf.

Traveling by bus in Florence could be a frustrating experience. Paths that are diverted are typical, meaning that your journey can take more time than it should.

Rush hour sees buses packed to the gunnels, and bus services don’t operate. Nor are there buses, but they run into the night until late if there’s a city-sponsored event on. On the other hand, there are buses that are lots with wheelchair accessibility, and air conditioning in the summertime.

Increasingly more bus stops now have real hours displays of arrival times, and you may Now purchase your tickets via SMS on your mobile. Just send quite a text saying ATAF to 4880 1 5 prior to getting on the bus.

The cost of the ticket is 1.20 and the cost of the text message, that will vary in accordance with the operator. With regards to tickets, if you are going to be quite a regular user of the buses, opt for the Carta Agile. That is a discounted bulk ticket that allows 10 trips for 10 or 20 trips for 20.

Calling in at 14 different stops on the way, an end-to-end journey takes about 25 minutes, operating from 05: 30 to midnight every day.

The tram is quite a frequent, reliable service, and is definitely the simplest way to reach Scandicci. Inside city center, it stops off at Cascine, Florences biggest park.

You may expect to pay the same for the tram as you’d on the bus. The T1 does not operate during the night, however the last tram leaves at midnight. Taxis – Florence is an unusual city as it is not customary to flag down quite a taxi cab in the street.

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