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Game Rumors: Save for April, PlayStation VR is Coming!

From April 2020, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will gain a worthy competitor; then the Playstation VR will be released with a retail price of $ 399. Sony has recently revealed more and more titles for this new accessory for the Playstation 4 game console. What can we expect and will this be the VR system that game rumors are waiting for? Keep Reading!!

No Playstation 4.5 yet

Psvr 4There have long been rumors that a powerful version of the PS4 is coming. This was not discussed during the introduction of the Playstation VR headset. That would mean that the PSVR headset will work on the normal PS4 without additional processor power.

The specifications that are known so far are not inferior to the PC headsets. This makes a Playstation 4 with VR headset a formidable competitor for the Rift and Vive. A high-quality VR experience in a plug-and-play system for a significantly lower total price.

Exclusive to Playstation VR

The battle for the exclusive titles is causing controversy among VR gamers. If each system releases its exclusive titles, choosing a headset becomes difficult. Until now, it was mainly Oculus that attracted titles, now Sony comes with several exclusive titles. You can find these titles in our article about Oculus and Sony’s VR game rumors.

This has long been the case for brands such as Nintendo and Sony, but VR is mainly seen as an accessory and not a platform in itself. Exclusive PlayStation PlayStation titles include X-Wing VR Mission, Batman VR, and Resident Evil VII. Final Fantasy will not be entirely a VR game but will receive extra content for use with the headset.

Typical Playstation

psvrIn addition to the big names as exclusive titles, existing Sony games are also brought to virtual reality as well as new titles. Sony has been releasing a selection of separate games in addition to major titles for years, the Playstation VR is no exception. Rez Infinite is a follow-up to a cult favorite, Tethered is a kind of strategic game.

The Harmonix game Music VR is a striking title and the most bizarre VR title is currently Statik. In that game rumors, your hands are locked in a strange locker. In the trailer, you see a professor with a face that has been made invisible with a mosaic pattern. He claims that at some point the project was also called “erotic”. The video raises more questions than are answered.

With the Playstation VR, Sony brings virtual reality to a different target group; the console gamer. Microsoft is rumored to support the Oculus Rift next year. Major software developers are rapidly announcing new titles. VR fans have an interesting time ahead. That will be saving!

Useful tips for gaming with your smartphone

Airplane mode

It is recognizable, your battery drains quickly from all the gaming. You can easily prevent this by turning on the airplane mode. Airplane mode is a setting on your smartphone that switches off the mobile connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in one go. Many game advertisements also disappear when the airplane mode is switched on. If you still want to be available, simply turning off your data connection is also an option.

Game controller for your smartphone

Games such as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, or Subway Surfers are easy to play on your smartphone. FIFA 16, Need for Speed or Assassin’s Creed, for example, are more difficult to play. A game controller for your smartphone makes it a lot more fun and easier. You place your smartphone in the holder, connect to Bluetooth and start playing!


Gaming on your smartphone is fun and convenient, but you prefer to curl up behind a console at home. This is possible on a large TV and with a fast controller. Apple and Google have come up with a solution for this. With the Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you can easily stream from your smartphone to TV. An Apple TV or Google Chromecast in combination with a game controller is a cheap replacement for purchasing a console.

Furthermore, Sony has also devised a solution for gaming on your smartphone. With an Xperia smartphone from Sony, you can play the games on your PS4 anywhere in your house. For this, you only need to turn on the PS4, and then you can start streaming. You can also connect the controller of your PS4 to your Xperia smartphone. With the help of the game rumors control mount, you can turn your Xperia smartphone into a real game console. This purchases, for example, a Playstation Vita unnecessary.

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