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Health & Fitness Magazines

Are you looking for ways to keep and improve your health. There are several magazines related to health, but provides you the best Health & Fitness Magazines where not only inspire you, but also provide workouts, health tips and ideas for getting strong and staying healthy.

Here is the list of health & fitness magazines


Shape Magazine

Shape magazine offers the latest health, fitness, beauty, and fashion news.

Prevention Magazine

Prevention Magazine offers the natural cures, health, nutrition, recipes, beauty, mind-body, weight loss, and fitness.


Health Magazine

Health Magazine brings you creative recipe ideas, fat-burning workouts, and an insider’s scoop on the latest health, fitness, and nutrition trends.

FITNESS Magazine

The latest in health, fitness, food and more from FITNESS Magazine.

Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine

The UK’s leading glossy magazine on complementary therapies and holistic living. Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition, wellbeing and more!