Places to Visit in Europe

Places To Visit in Europe

While having the Atlantic Ocean on its west the continent of Europe in the northwest is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean. Having among which Russia is regarded as the most populated and biggest nation in around 50 countries. The climate of Europe is impacted causing extreme weather conditions in winter and summer. The language spoken by people is Slavic and religion followed is Christianity. It is considered among the spot for spending holidays and the best vacation destination there are places to visit in Europe 2020.

The list of locations is provided below:

1. Leon, Spain

Leon - Spain​

Leon is an affordable and great place to visit for food fans. Costs of food items are less, an individual can do dinner or lunch even. They serve the person that is very tapas. Hotel room rents can also be affordable.

2. Albania

This place has stunning beaches and it is visited by the number of tourists especially. Well known for its imagination, museums, music, museums and far more.

Tourist Attractions in Albania:

1. Main Square of Tirana

2. Llogara National Park

3. Saranda

4. Theth National Park

5. Islands of Ksamil

3. Canary Islands


Canary Islands​ is famous for sunlight it is said that most Europe is covered with snow Canary Islands have a temperature. Airfares can also be low plus they offer thrilling deals.

4. The Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

tatra mountains

Wild life’s amazing in the area, particularly if you want to see brown bears. As rates are reasonably priced one can remain on a beach for long.

5. Rome

The tour is considered incomplete without visiting with Rome. Hotels are expensive, but one can find reasonably priced rooms as well with a little search.

Tourist Attractions in Rome:

1. Vatican City

2. The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

3. The Pantheon

4. Roman Forum

5. The Palatine Hill

6. Trevi Fountain

7. San Giovanni in Laterano (Basilica of St. John Lateran)

8. Centro Storico & the Spanish Steps

9. Santa Maria Maggiore

10. Piazza Venezia

11. The Catacombs and Via Appia Antica (Appian Way)

12. Borghese Gallery and Gardens

13. Baths of Caracalla

14. Piazza del Campidoglio

15. Terme di Diocleziano

6. Venice


Venice is understood as the City of Water and hotspot for fans. Venice is full of charms to bring many individuals towards it.

7. Barcelona


The diversity and architecture make this city stand out. Following a tiring day, one may easily unwind on the beach in beautiful weather.

8. Amsterdam


The city has lots of coffee shops and is famous for bike rides down the canals by locals and visitors both. The streets have elegant designs that keep people visiting over and over again.

9. Prague

Prague Visiting this city is like an individual has entered the location of a fairy tale. This place is also cheap compared to other European cities.

Even though Europe is a bit expensive, but one may easily find cheaper locations to see in Europe which falls in their spending budget and is also a perfect holiday destination. Living in Europe is everyone’s dream, but there are lots of cities where the cost of living is reduced including house rents, groceries, transportation, food items along with other services. So the cheapest European cities to live in are Marseille It is among the cheapest cities if you would like to live in France.

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