Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Albania

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Albania is a small country with coastal areas of the Adriatic and Ionian with the interior crossed by the Albanian Alps.

The country features castles, forts, culture, unique traditions, history, architecture, unspoiled beaches, and archaeological sites.

Let’s take a look at best places to visit in Albania

1. Main Square of Tirana

Skanderbeg Square Tirana

Main Square of Tirana is surrounded by some of Tirana’s buildings, including the opera house, mosque, national museum and skanderberg statue. In this place you can find all Albanian plants and stones. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around the square.

2. Llogara National Park

By Godo-Godaj

Llogara National Park is a must see if you visit in Albania. This National park is easy to reach and very close to the Adriatic sea. Here you can find the beautiful view from the mountains to the coastline that looks like stunning. On the lookout you have a full view of the sea and the clouds are so close you could touch them.

3. Saranda

Saranda Beach
By Gary Bembridge

Saranda is one of the most popular summer destinations in Albania. It is located in floor county. There are many things to do and explore in Saranda. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit around the city. The time taken 20 min away by boat from cargo, Greece.

4. Theth National Park

Theth National Park is one of the best place you must visit in Albania. In this place lots of things to see waterfalls, blueeye and wildnature. This park offers many science trails. Here you can find the beautiful views of valleys and mountains.

5. Islands of Ksamil

Ksamil Islands

Ksamil Islands are the most beautiful island once you visit this place you feel like you are in paradise. There are few different coves and beaches within Ksamil. The incredible beach has the crystal clear water. It is located in Albania and very close to Greece.

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