Top 5 Travel Destinations in Canada

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Canada

On a daily basis, many international and local flight routes are embarked on by individuals for business purposes and vacations too. Some popular routes include Brisbane to Sydney, Hong Kong to Singapore, Adelaide to Melbourne, Bangkok to Singapore and many others.

The above information tends to spur a thought as to whether the wanderlust of an avid traveler can ever meet total satisfaction. The answer to this might not be on the affirmative side as there always seems to be many more amazing locations to check out. This is true for many countries and Canada is no different.

Canada presents a vast variety of awesome locations that enthrall its visitors. If you are an ardent lover of scenic locations, here are top five travel destinations in Canada that you would love;

1. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Here is one location in Canada that continues to intrigue its visitors. Niagara Falls stands between two cities- a part of it sits in Ontario, Canada and the other part sits in New York. Apart from having an amazing view of the falls, the Niagara is also endowed with bars and restaurants, making the environment lively both during the day and in the night. The Niagara Falls is surrounded by high-rise Hotels, restaurants as well as observation towers. 

Niagara area also provides one of Canada’s stunning golf courses- a great feature for golf lovers. The cycling routes of Niagara are one of the best in the world too.

2. Churchill

The experience of Churchill’s environment can be said to be one so thrilling as there are several unique aspects of this location. Churchill is known for polar bears, beluga whales, northern lights and is also called a birder’s paradise.

Scientists from every part of the globe visit Churchill to watch and study the aurora borealis (the northern lights), a natural phenomenon occurring as a result of charged particles from the sun interacting with atoms. Overall, the polar bear capital offers a great opportunity for travellers to have an amazing view and a close encounter with wild life.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is another wonderful location situated in Canada. The city sits between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and has an amazing landscape, creating an overall natural atmosphere for tourists to bask in. Within Vancouver is the Stanley Park which is a tourist attraction that spans over gardens, green spaces and woodlands. The vibrancy of the shops in Chinatown coupled with the incredible food market of Granville Island also adds to the magical atmosphere of Vancouver.

4. Whistler

The two magnificent mountains located in Whistler, make it one of the largest and known alpine ski destinations. The base of the two mountains is home to three charming villages- the Upper Village, Whistler Village and Creekside. Whistler houses The Peak 2 Peak gondola that transports tourists from the villages to the mountains.

Apart from the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, the Bike Park is also an attraction to visitors all over the world. Whistler, being close to the coast, has a wonderful climate of moderate winter temperatures and warm summers.

5. Quebec City

The capital city of Canada’s Quebec province is also an amazing travel destination. The French-speaking city is known for its resplendent and ancient architecture; being home to locations like L’Hotel du Parlement, Basilique-Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, Chateau Frontenac among many others. These buildings date back to 1600s and present a whole magical and romantic atmosphere to its visitors.

If you are a tourist, there is always a scenic location that your feet are yet to be set on. The above locations serve as awesome travel destinations in Canada you could try them out to see for yourself.

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