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8 Valleys in Himachal Pradesh That You Must Visit

Valleys in Himachal Pradesh That You Must Visit

The North Indian hill state of Himachal Pradesh is such a place that it never ever fails to surprise you with its bountiful nature and its environs. Regardless of how many times you visit this pristine state, you will always find something new to visit be it in the shape of valleys or some remotely located pilgrimage destination. The present-day trend is seeing more and more people opting for the less traveled or frequented, in other words, unexplored places to visit, untouched by commercialization. So much so that these hitherto unexplored areas are fast turning into tourist hot spots.

In this article, we have chosen a few of them and tell you about them so that you can plan a visit to these places on your next getaway, on any of the Himachal tour packages of your choice.

1. Malana


Malana Situated in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, this amazing and stunning village has a very distinct and interesting history tied to it and is home to very few families that stay here. The most revealing part of its historical claims that the inhabitants of this village happen to be the direct descendants of Alexander the Great.

The people of this village are very strictly the “touch me not” types, meaning that any visitor to this place is not permitted to touch anything or person in the village so much so that even in stores when you buy something you are asked to keep the money on the shelf and are expected to pick up the purchased goods off the shelf, a no-touch delivery system.

Another very interesting aspect of this village is its administrative system, it maintains its own collection and administrative legislation which seems more like the Greek management system, social framework, and language, etc. It sounds quite unbelievable that such a village exists in our country, but you can experience it when you visit here having opted for a Himachal holiday package, on your trip to Himachal.

2. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley

An ideal location for a relaxing and rejuvenating family vacation, or if you are planning an exotic honeymoon trip, then Tirthan valley is just the place to be at. A destination hitherto unexplored and seemingly untouched by any sort of commercialization, surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) this destination is situated right beside the Tirthan River. The place, where you get to experience nature in its purest form also houses some medieval colonial structures that add to its beauty, places where you can find to spend time on your family vacation or your honeymoon.

It is definitely suggested that you include a visit to this place whenever planning a visit to Himachal on either of the Himachal trip package or the Himachal honeymoon package. 

3. Chitkul


Chitkul, a village in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh is a place accessible only during the summer months, as it is mostly covered by snow during the winter period forcing even its inhabitants to move down to lower or reasonably warmer areas. It is also said to have the cleanest air compared to anywhere else in India, according to the Center of Atmospheric Sciences IIT Delhi. It, incidentally, also happens to be the last village in India, on the old Hindustan – Tibet trade route, where you could travel without seeking any kind of a permit.

The legend here has it that the local Deity is a relation to the Deity of Gangotri and it is until very recent times that the local populace used to physically carry this Deity to Gangotri over the high mountain passes. Generally the travelers to this quaint village stopover at Sangla and chalk out a day’s trip to Chtkul and back. The pristine river Baspa keeps you company during this round trip. It is also believed that this Goddess of Chitkul has been residing here in a temple supposed to be 500 years old. So to experience this and know more about this place and its history why not pick and choose anyone of the Himachal tour packages.

4. Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley

Swift brooks, picturesque hamlets, a variety of fruit orchards, have in the past drawn particular attention of the British Viceroys who camped here to recuperate and rejuvenate, during their time. The Pabbar valley, home to a vibrant mix of exquisite nature, has to offer, any and everyone who visits this pristine valley, something to enjoy and take back, when walking through it. The trek through this valley is a very comprehensive one that takes you through quaint hamlets, yet untouched by any form of tourism in other words virgin land, to cedar forests, birch and oak forests too, finally the mighty snow-capped mountains and valleys thereof. 

Opportunities for a range of activities like paragliding, river rafting, camping, trekking, fishing, and various other adventure sports, to are being seen to gain attention in this pristine valley. You could possibly plan out for a Himachal adventure tour package to this valley.  

5. Thanedar


An 18 Kms drive from Narkanda or alternatively 80 Kms drive from Himachal’s capital Shimla lay the twin towns of Thanedar and Kotgarh,  blessed an old-world charm, tempting apple orchards, pristine beauty, thick forest cover rendering crisp, clean air that has a tranquilizing effect on your soul and surrounded by picturesque villages, are a home to Apple and Apricot orchards having a history of their own, and are an ideal destination for families or honeymooners looking for a nature-centric and a comfortable experience far from the madding crowd. Various retreats adorn the place where you could check-in for a comfortable stay, here, moreover, this place is also known for its soft adventure tourism, as in, leisurely walks, treks, etc. The place is dressed in a spotless white cover of snow during the peak winter months of January to March.

It also serves as a transit spot for your journeys to the spectacular Sangla valley and Kinnaur. So while planning a visit to Himachal on a Himachal Honeymoon tour package or any other Himachal holiday package, ensure that this place gets listed on your tour itinerary. Additionally, you could also get to visit the Nag Devta temple, the St Mary’s Church which also happens to be one of the oldest churches in India, etc.  

6. Gushaini


A quaint village with lush green surroundings that exudes an atmosphere of happiness and a rustic setting all with its wooden hutments and the buildings and smiling kids running around in the village streets and the meadows enjoying their simplistic lifestyle,  Gushiani sits prettily on the banks of the pristine Tirthan River. It is an ideal getaway for trekking enthusiasts, in the Tirthan Valley. Moreover the confluence of the two rivers, nearby, namely, the Tirthan and the Flachan is a sight to behold.  

It, incidentally, also happens to be a stopover for those planning to visit the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), and for those seeking to rejuvenate themselves far from the city’s hustle and bustle this place provides an ideal getaway, with its surrounding peach, pear, pomegranate, and apple orchards, a simple walk through them while relishing the fruits fresh off the trees and the sound of the Tirthan flowing through, is an experience that can only be believed when actually visited in person. 

Once planned, to visit this pristine valley, having availed either your Himachal honeymoon tour package or the Himachal holiday trip package, you will also have the opportunity to experience nature in its true form, and enjoy adventurous sports like outdoor camping, trekking, bird watching, angling, and river crossing, etc. 

7. Jalori Jot

Jalori Jot

One of the steepest roads passes, at an altitude of 3221 meters, in terms of road ascendency the Jalori pass connects Shimla – Kullu and the inner and outer Seraj valley while offering some stunning views of both the Dhauladhar and the Kinnaur Mountain Ranges.

Although the road up to Shoja is in a good condition, the road thereafter is in a terrible condition owing to the snowfall that deteriorates it every year around. This condition of the road renders it slippery and pretty bad and actually makes for an adventure ride. 

Most of the roadside dhabas here serve mainly Rajmah Chawal as a staple diet and believe you me that you have indeed missed something when visiting here. The kidney beans (rajma) used are locally grown and posses a flavor that lingers on long after consumption. The Sareyol Lake in the region, beckons the adventure enthusiasts, visiting here, having availed of the Himachal adventure tour package, for a 4 Km long trek to this lake from Jalori Jot, but care needs to be taken in the sense that the walking or the trekking shoes that you carry compulsorily need to have the good gripping ability as the rail is rather slippery.

8. Kheergang


Being one of the best, 11 Kms long, trekking sites in Himachal, starting from Barsheni to Khir Ganga, located in the Parvati Valley of Kullu district, this place is roughly 22 Kms from Manikaran, 64 from Kullu, and a 102 km from Manali. , it is roughly a two-day circuit to visit this place.

The presence of a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati renders this place to be a revered place. Local legend has it that Kartikeyan, the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is supposed to have meditated here for thousands of years, making it an important Hindu pilgrimage. It gets its name owing to the milk like waters that flow through the Parvati River

The good news for adventure enthusiasts who plan to visit here on a Himachal adventure tour package is that while on your trek to Khir Ganga from Barsheni you have a chance to visit attractions like the serpent-shaped waterfall, Rudra Nag, Pin-Parvati Pass, at an altitude of 5400 meters, and the Pandu pul. The Hot water springs here have healing properties and it is recommended to take a dip in these for a rejuvenating experience.

The above are some of the unexplored valley destinations in Himachal Pradesh that one must visit to experience nature, adventure, and the tranquility these offer in their truest of forms. So pick up your bags and plan out a visit to the pristine state of Himachal Pradesh on any of the Himachal tour packages.

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